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Roadmap for Canada’s Social Innovation Ecosystem

The Canadian Forum for Social Innovation is leading a national dialogue that will leverage co-design and backcasting methodologies to generate a Roadmap for Canada’s Innovation Ecosystem.Four deliberative workshops will take place in April and May 2024 in Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal and Calgary, and the exercise will culminate with the second edition of the Canadian Forum for Social Innovation in Montréal on 11-12 June 2024.

Innovation by Design

The McMaster University Innovation by Design Roundtables are part of 13 consultations hosted at universities across Canada between December 2023 and February 2024. They are designed to engage emerging researchers in discussions on the role of the Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (SSHA) in advancing Canadian innovation and intended to shape Canada’s innovation strategy.

Canadian Forum for Social Innovation. Consensus Report.

As we move beyond the linear economic model of economic growth into a circular economy paradigm informed by Sustainable Development Goals and requiring high capacity for social innovation, universities are seen as central stakeholders in transformative societal change. As such, universities’ community engagement and knowledge mobilisation mandates need to be informed by strategies that aim […]

Discussion Paper. Canada’s Social Innovation Ecosystem

While social innovation is not a new concept, as a field of practice it has matured. Social innovation approaches are designed to address complex challenges, and this capacity has increasingly attracted the attention of policy, education and research stakeholders. Global challenges and complex, wicked social problems require solutions that recognize the multiple layers of an […]

Inventory of Community-Focused Knowledge Mobilization Practices in the Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts.

Knowledge mobilization in the social sciences, humanities and arts (SSHA) is the subject of a growing body of literature and policy discussions. “Inventory of Models and Practices in Community Focused Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts” examines the current state of community-focused SSHA knowledge mobilization, understood broadly enough to include all aspects of scholarly activity that […]